Adventures of a Spiritual Warrior
Adventures of a Spiritual Warrior. Podcast


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Key Takeaways (with a little help from ChatGPT):

  1. Embracing Softness: Kristen and Rachel discuss the importance of embracing and expressing softness in their lives. While this may not seem taboo, they acknowledge that in a world often emphasizing toughness and aggression, allowing oneself to be soft can be a powerful act of defiance.

  2. Safety and Boundaries: They highlight the significance of feeling safe and having boundaries when it comes to expressing softness. Softness requires a sense of safety and self-protection. Setting boundaries can protect the vulnerability that comes with being soft.

  3. Softness as Strength: They challenge the misconception that softness is synonymous with weakness. Instead, they view it as an act of courage and power to be soft in a world that often encourages hardness.

  4. Chronic Depletion and Softness: Kristen and Rachel discuss how chronic depletion can make it challenging to be soft. While softness can naturally arise when feeling slightly low on energy, severe depletion can make it difficult to access softness.

  5. The Importance of Indirect Approaches: They highlight the power of indirect approaches when dealing with sensitive topics or aspects of oneself. Being indirect, gentle, and gradual can lead to more profound and lasting transformations.

  6. Inner Work and Self-Compassion: Kristen and Rachel emphasize the value of inner work and self-compassion. They discuss the journey of unlearning old habits and patterns, which involves experiencing and embracing softness as a core part of personal growth.

  7. Integration of Warrior and Lover: They suggest integrating the warrior (self-protective) and lover (soft) aspects of oneself. Showing love and understanding to the self-protective warrior can create a harmonious internal environment that allows for vulnerability and softness.

  8. Softness in Relationships: Kristen and Rachel believe that practicing softness can improve relationships. Softness is not just about personal growth; it can also create safer and more loving connections with others.

  9. A Paradigm Shift: They propose that a world grounded in softness, safety, love, openness, curiosity, and compassion could bring about a profound paradigm shift, where everything flows from a place of transformed being.

  10. Appreciation and Presence: They stress the importance of appreciation, presence, and embracing the wisdom of every moment. Softness is about being kind to oneself, enjoying life, and grounding in what is real.

These takeaways reflect the central themes of their conversation, encouraging individuals to explore and integrate softness into their lives for personal growth, healthier relationships, and a more harmonious world.


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Adventures of a Spiritual Warrior
Adventures of a Spiritual Warrior. Podcast
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